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Liposomal technology overcomes the barrier that many products face, better absorption. The body will often break down many complex molecules before they are absorbed, or only small amounts remain. That is why it is vital to rely on a different method to ensure maximum absorption ad delivery levels.

Working with a team of PhD scientists we are developing cutting-edge anti-ageing supplements. Patent-pending Liposomal Technology enhances bioavailability by 90 percent. As a result, it significantly increases the effectiveness at much smaller serving sizes. While regular NMN may have great impact on NAD+ levels, liposomal NMN can work faster, more effectively and with extended release for a longer lasting effect.

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What are liposomes?

Liposomes are ball like (spheric) structures that are formed when phospholipids are combined with water and additional energy is added to the system in form of mixing, ultrasound, and high pressure. Phospholipids are natural substances. One of those usually used in production of liposomes for food supplements is lecithin, found in Soy or Sunflower. Formation of Liposomes is natural process. They can be found in nature, for instance in human milk. They consist of bi-layer membrane and cavity where water soluble substances are entrapped.

There are many types and sizes of liposomes, as well as many different phospholipids that can be utilized. Nowadays this is one of the most vivid areas or research, due to its promise to overcome several absorption problems for oral nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals.

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Why should you choose for Liposomal Supplements?

Our body have several mechanisms of absorption. Some substances are absorbed passively, that means they migrate over the intestinal membrane as long as harmony on both sides of membrane is reached, but some others need active transport, like e.g. Vitamin B12. That means that they need to be carried over the intestinal barrier into the intestinal wall by certain substances that the body have and utilise them. Then again, some substances just don’t get absorbed or the rate of absorption is minimal. In such cases different solutions are available and one of those is Liposomal.

Liposomes are biodegradable and bioavailable since they are made of the same substance as cell membranes. This means that they increase vitamin, drug, and even NMN absorption. Substances encapsulated in liposomes also reach significantly greater blood dose levels than non-encapsulated products, such as traditional capsules or oils, since liposomes are easily absorbed by the body. What is more, Liposomes are also good protectors of substances that might be destroyed or digested during their passage through gastro intestinal tract. These are just two of the many benefits that our liposome study has proven.

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